How do I installing Lingor map?

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I'm trying to make a server and I have managed to make it work with following mods:

  • DMS
  • Ryan Zombies
  • Advanced Rappelling
  • Urban Rappelling
  • Advanced Towing
  • Advanced Slingloading
  • CUP Units
  • CUP Weapons
  • CUP Vehicles
  • CUP Core
  • Blastcore Pheoix
  • DynaSound 2
  • Enchanced Soundscape
  • TRYK Uniforms

Everything works great on the Tanoa map, but some of my friend do not have Apex DLC so they can't play on Tanoa, and Altis looks quite bad in my opinion.

We all like the Lingor map but I have no idea to make it work, if anyone can guide me on how to make it work I would be happy!


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For people finding this post in the future, point 4 in the above post would include stuff like;

  • Creating trader cities and placing traders
  • Setting spawn points
  • Placing concrete mixers (if you want them)
  • Checking that DMS can start if you want missions and resolve issues there (it won't have Lingor as a known map by default)

This is by far an all inclusive list but the bare minimum is the spawn points. You should be able to simply open the mission file in Eden though and move them, especially if you do it the way Stokes suggests above (the ones from Tanoa should be on the map, probably just in the middle of nowhere).

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