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waitUntil, sleep possible on Serverside?

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4 hours ago, Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear said:

Hey ho,

is it possible to creat a waiting postion on the "serverside" like a timeloop, until the code is going on? 

e.g. tried this three option.

waitUntil {time > (_finishTime)};

sleep _finishTime;

[] spawn {	waitUntil {time > (_finishTime)}; };

thx :-) 

You can only use uiSleep, sleep, and waituntil in a scheduled environment. 

You can check if it's a scheduled environment by doing canSuspend

Things that create scheduled environment's are:

[] spawn {};

[] execVM "";

and a pre-init / post-init, initServer, initPlayerLocal, etc... etc...

things that create non-scheduled environment's are:

eventHandlers, [] call {}; onEachFrame, etc..


so basically, if that script is run in a scheduled environment you can uiSleep, and waitUntil. 

_finishTime = 20; // Will wait 20 seconds.

uiSleep _finishTime;


_finishTime = diag_ticktime + 20; // add 20 to current time.

waitUntil { diag_ticktime >= _finishTime };

The reason why i use uiSleep is beacuse sleep goes off of the in-game time. and uiSleep goes off of real-life time, so if the server FPS is at let's say 1 fps, the sleep can take a long time to finish. uiSleep will execute exactly after 20 seconds, because it's going off of real time, and not executing time. 


If you have anymore questions, hmu on steam.

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if your trying to make it so the player cannot login to the server until the scripts are all loaded, you can do that from the exile_server_config.pbo under config.cpp



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