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Need some help from an experienced scripter

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Hi there,

I'm not looking for anyone to come on board, just someone to put me on the right track to building my own mission for exile, This will of course be released when built.

A little about me, 

I am not looking for anyone to make this for me, its my project.

I started a server as a hobby to learn, and i have learnt loads since i started about 3 months ago for Exile, 12 months ago for wasteland,

I am now pretty good at sorting bugs and editing things to work the way i like.

I've ripped lots of different scripts apart to try and make things work the way I want but no joy.

so i am looking for someone that actively scripts to kinda take me in and share a little knowledge, even just someone that can explain some scripting format to me to help me better understand what i am doing.

 In return I will of course help them with anything that I can. 

I have looked everywhere to try and get this help all over forums, you tube, and this website but as far as, Creating Dialogue, and attaching that to my mission, i'm lost..

if you think you could help me my ts address is 


alternatively if you know where i can find out the info i need please post it here! 

Thank you for your time, 






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