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Zombies through walls


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15 minutes ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

Not really a "Serverside Problem or Bug" since Exile doesn't have zombies. It would be better in the Third Party Mods forum.

Anyway, no, you can't stop them from going through the walls.

ah oke sorry for this section

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here is my global settings compare it with yours


ZombieSide                   = WEST;             // zombie team side east, west and Civilian can be used
ZombieSideString             = "WEST";           // Same thing but in a string.
CorpseDeleteDelay            = 300;              // delay before a zombie corpse is deleted.
Debug                        = true;             // debug messages.
MinSpawnDistance             = 100;               // Closest distance from any player to spawn a zombie.
MaxSpawnDistance             = 200;              // Max distance a zombie should spawn from a player.
MaxDistance                     = 300;              // Max distance to players before delete.
MaxTime                      = 30;               // Max time away from a player before delete.
RemoveZfromTerritory         = true;             // Will kill zombies when they get too close to a flag. *(the check is done every MaxTime) will only work with zombies that are configured to avoid territories
TriggerGroupScaling          = 0.25;             // 1 player = Groupsize, 2 player in trigger = Groupsize + (GroupSize * TriggerGroupScalling * number of player in the trigger) set at 0 to disable scaling
LightsOff                    = true;             // Kill all the light on map except the player lights.
HarassingZombieAtNightOnly   = true;             // Spawn harassing zombies at night only.
NightStartTime               = 18;               // Time at which it is night in hours
NightEndTime                 = 6;                // Time at which it is no longer night in hours


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5 minutes ago, Crazy Mike said:

the zombies will walk through the walls if you place them on an already existing object lod meaning if you build inside a building the zombie will take into account the pathing for that building and ignore the exile wall and walk through it because it isnt there for it



i think, one does not simply "fix" these types of arma problems aswell 

i dont have this issue on my cherno as players use existing building, this is why its important to go though the global setting 

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