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**Updated 8/3/2017 - Added cash into Crate 4 (special items crate)**

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thanks to Defent and Red_Ned for creating the excellent mission system and creating an easy to follow static mission template respectively. Without your efforts to make your code easy to follow, I probably would have given up and not created this.

This is a large AI base objects & static DMS mission in the north of Chernarus. Mods used to create this are the CUP core, CUP maps, CUP Terrains, CWA components, Apex and Extended Base Mod. You will need these on the server to be able to show all the components of the mission. If you don't have them on the server, the mission should work but some components in the base will be missing.

This mission was created for a militarised, semi-survival server and includes 2 roaming AI vehicles with the possibility of a Gorgon or armed Ifrit/Hunter/Strider among other vehicles. The AI vehicles that can be used by the mission are editable in an array at the top of the mission config so you can set them to whatever you like. Easy difficulty is configured for testing purposes by default and not intended for server deployment as it only has a small number of AI and a lot of loot but you can of course just change it to suit your server. Medium difficulty is intended for small groups of 2-3, difficult for groups of 4 and hardcore as 5+ or just some very persistent smaller groups.

5 loot crates are configured;

  1. General items
  2. Sniper Rifles
  3. Building Supplies
  4. Medical supplies
  5. Special items (cash, laser designators, rockets & launchers etc.). (Cash included in V1.1)

Crates 1 and 3 utilise the DMS lists for general items and building items. Crates 2, 4 and 5 utilise arrays within the mission file and are fully customisable. If you want something to have a higher chance of spawning in these crates, simply put more of that item in the array. You can also adjust the amount of loot in each crate if you want to make one particularly generous or another quite light in the difficulty setup section.

Screenshots of the base:


The Front Entrance


The Church and it's cemetery


The Market Area


Overlooking the Medical zone


From the Comms Tower (Also included in the mission file, approx. 1.65K's from the base)


Location on the map (The yellow part)


SQF files are available here:


Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the ai_base_chernarus.sqf file to a3_dms.pbo's /missions/static folder
  2. Open config.sqf in a3_dms.pbo, find the DMS_StaticMissionTypes section and append ["AI_Base_Chernarus",1] to the list
  3. Save and close config.sqf
  4. re-pack a3_dms.pbo with all the changes and ensure it is placed in the /@ExileServer/Addons folder to launch at server startup.
  5. copy the content from AI_Base_Objects.sqf into your initserver.sqf file inside your mission file.
  6. Repack your mission file and upload to the server
  7. Enjoy a new static mission for Chernarus!

Optional Install Instructions

These 2 lines provide some preconfigured CUP vehicles and weapons for the mission file if you use those mods on your server (I do, hence their inclusion).

  1. If you have CUP Weapons, uncomment the "#define USE_CUP_WEAPONS 1" line  
  2. If you have CUP Vehicles, uncomment the "#define USE_CUP_VEHICLES 1" line

I would also highly recommend putting a no build zone in your mission config at the coordinates of the mission (the main coordinates are at the top of the ai_base_chernarus.sqf file, it's the _pos variable) and also marking the zone on your map so players don't log out over there.

Edited by Riker2335
Added note for V1.1 of mission
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Just wondering @Riker2335

Have you used the new DMS "special mission function"?

DO you just make a folder called "special" in the missions directory and call it from DMS config?



    DMS_SpecialMissions = [  // List of special missions with restrictions. Each element must be defined as [mission<STRING>, minPlayers<SCALAR>, maxPlayers<SCALAR>, timesPerRestart<SCALAR>, _timeBetween<SCALAR>].
                                            //["specops",15,60,2,900]    //<-- Example for a mission named "specops.sqf" that must be placed in the "special" folder. It will only spawn when there are at least 15 players, less than 60 players, it will only spawn up to twice per restart, and at least 900 seconds must pass before another instance of the mission can spawn.


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17 hours ago, aussie battler said:

Have you used the new DMS "special mission function"?

I haven't installed the latest DMS on my server yet (was focused on releasing this mission) but I've had a read of the code and checked the Github..... I can't tell if it's fully implemented yet but this is what I'd do to test it.....

  1. unpack the PBO and create a new folder a3_DMS\missions\special\
  2. Paste the sqf file for the mission config in there instead of the static folder
  3. Add the mission into that special section rather than the static section, for my mission I'd do something like; ["AI_Base_Chernarus",15,60,1,900] to have the mission with the same config as the example but only once per restart.... first in, best dressed and all :) 
  4. Repack the DMS PBO and restart the server

Will cause all sorts of PvP action as people fight for the one mission attempt per restart!  hehehe.

Thanks for pointing that new feature out by the way, I'll be using that for this mission on my server :) 

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Thanks @Riker2335

I love the effort you went to for this mission, it has so many places to hide. Reminds me on the Ai City from arma 2 days.

Thanks for the tip about the "special" folder. I'll be hitting it up with this mission. 10 out of 10 for detail & big rewards with the loot.

Do you know if you can disable the thermal on the Special Purpose Helmets in the loot crate (one that looks like an alien bug mask). I would love to have these in without thermal. Maybe I'll try this:


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Yes, that AI city was my inspiration as an old A2OP server I played many hours on had an AI City in the same location albeit a lot smaller. I've played this mission 3 times myself now and it's undergone a lot of changes to ensure places to hide as it was quite sparse to start with (only 700 objects). The cemetery works really well as a place to hide in the middle of the base incidentally :)

Back to the topic at hand, If I remember correctly, there's a setting in either the mission config.cpp or the exileserver config file that allows you to enable or disable Thermals completely on the server (and Nightvision too if you want). I haven't tested it but if you want them completely disabled on the server that might work but it'll of course impact vehicles too.

If you just want that one special purpose hemlet with thermals disabled then the article you linked to should work, not sure how to do it though. I have thermals enabled on my server (it's PvE and they are VERY rare on my server hence my inclusion of them in the loot crate of this mission).

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really nice looking mission, well done @Riker2335 and its nice to see some of the template code I developed being used by people as that's why I spent so long trying to annotate/comment and describe how my logic worked.


keep it up

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