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The Raging Kerfuffle

Territory spawned with no flag


So this is a weird one. I had a player come to me this morning saying his territory flag had disappeared, along with the vehicles in his virtual garage. His base buildings and containers, however, were still spawned on the map. He then said he'd put down a new flag in what was relatively the same spot (worldspace coords were 24227x to 24228x etc). When I checked the database, the territory still existed, as did the new one in the exact same spot. When I checked the map (using infistar), only the new flag showed up on either mapicons or flag marker. 

I transferred all the information to the old territory and on restart, which didn't fix the problem. Wound up making just moving everything onto a new flag which seems to have fixed it, but I'm stumped. What the hell could cause this?

TL;DR - Player had flag vanish, but buildings stayed

Put down new flag in same spot

Database showed both flags as active in same position

In-game only showed 1 flag



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