[SOLVED] v0073 Headless Client - Kicked for Ghost

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Hi Chris, 

Recently I attempted to update from v0069a to v0073
Updated as normal.

Had an Issue with my headless client getting kicked repeatedly every 5 mins or so for being a "ghost player" too long
Which then causes FuMS to stop working, of course.

Ingame Logs


RPT shows this.

22:41:30 "<infiSTAR.de>SURVEILLANCELOG| headlessclient(HC7608) | Player is HeadlessClient_F for too long - either not correctly loaded in or trying to run around as a ghost (invisible player object)   @002001 [276.308,15165.6,-0.00115967] | 0h 5min 8s   [02-Mar-2017 23-49-34 - v0073]"

For the time being, to hotfix the problem I have modified Exile_AH.sqf to add an additional check in before the kick.


Test server has been up for 30 mins without kicking the headless client.

Might be something to look out for in your next release.



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