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how to give Z and AI poptabs so u can earn money killing them


Hi all.

Iv just setup my server on Quality gameservers

Iv bin looking on how to give the zomby s and killed AI from DMS poptabs in there inventory (wallet) when u killed them but i cant find it.
Can anyone help me with this ...is this a script or a setting ??

So what i want is when u kill a AI or a Z that it has poptabs in his wallet that u can take like when u open inventory to see what that zombi or AI has.
Olso id like to have Z with inventory since they use to be normal players and became zombie s they should have something in inventory right.

Is there a script or setting to give the Zs inventory ?


Thanks in advance

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In a3_dms/config.sqf file, find section /* AI Settings */ and there you have few variables:

DMS_Spawn_AI_With_Money				= true;						// Whether or not to spawn AI with money that can be looted from the body.
DMS_AIMoney_PopulationMultiplier	= 5;						// This determines how much EXTRA money an AI will have on his body. For example, setting this to 5 and having a server population of 30 means the AI will have an extra 150 poptabs on the body. Set to 0 to disable.
DMS_Bandit_Soldier_SpawnMoney		= 50;						// The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit soldier
DMS_Bandit_Static_SpawnMoney		= 75;						// The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit static gunner
DMS_Bandit_Vehicle_SpawnMoney		= 100;						// The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit vehicle crew member

For Zombies.... it is depend what zombie mod are you using in your server ...

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