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Help with creating Zed mission

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On 3/13/2017 at 1:41 PM, red_ned said:

@Blessed Dark Angel and @tinboye

Could you answer me a few questions as I have some ideas about this but need to see what is possible without completely rewriting DMS (which I don't have time to do)

1. Which zombie mod you using?

2. Is there a standard piece of code to spawn zombies in this mod (link/code example needed)

3. What kind of missions are we talking about?

4. How many zombies spawning is too many?

5. Why are we here and what does it all mean?

let me know and I will see if my ideas could work but I would need someone running this stuff to test if I did attempt it


oh and let me know if the suggestion of using the class actually works.


I couldnt get the ryanzombies to spawn like Tinboye recomended..  Was a good shot though.. 

I personally am useing ryanzombies and Exilez2  .. Just one mission I am trying to create. A mission where they spawn in waves 20/40/80 zeds and a loot crate at the end.  

120 is too much

Cause.. zombie missions need to be created.. Cause.. reasons.

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I kind of have a test zombie mission BUT it is the first time I have tried this so no clue if it will work so I need an experienced person to test if it works. it is the simplest mission with the AI replaced with zombies.

There is no guarantee this will work or if the server will even start when added so be confident about your skills, I have no large how to install so you will need to know that kind of stuff.

let me know if you want to help test this, DO NOT CONSIDER PUTTING ON A LIVE SERVER

if this works then I will look at refining and releasing some stuff

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@Blessed Dark Angel and @tinboye 

I have included the potential zombie spawning mission in my DMS BETA section I put online today.

It is very very simple and has no waves at the moment but I need to see if it actually will spawn zombies or if I am in the wrong direction. let me know if it helps

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