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Infistar restart timer status not working properly

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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help me here as the Infistar restart timer is not working correctly in the ESC menu or gear menu. My server restarts every 4 hours and no matter what time a player logs on at, the server timer for them counts down from 4 hours, even if they logged on with 30 minutes to go before a restart. I have searched high and low and cannot find anyone with the same issue so assuming I have done something wrong here, please advise. The restart timer messages work just fine so it seems to be just the actually timer on the ESC and gear menu just not working properly.


Below is my EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp


/* show time left to next restart */

/* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "true"; -> {hour,minute} .. put in the times when your server restarts (server real world time) */

/* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "false"; -> restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */
TIME_FUNCTION_USED = "diag_tickTime"; // diag_tickTime (starts with arma3server.exe), time (starts with mpmission init)
SHOW_RESTART_TIMER = "true"; // shows a restart timer on "escape menu" and "gear menu"

/* show restart announcement message x min before restart -> SERVER RESTART IN: X MINS  |  (calculated from RESTART_TIMES[])*/
RESTART_ANNOUNCE_X_MIN[] = {1,3,5,10,15,30};

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