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I'm having an odd problem with executing the sound file when using the say3D command. If I use playsound it plays the sound file, but that's only for local and not for other players to hear. I try to execute with say3D and I get no sound. This should be easy, but I might be missing something that Exile requires me to do.

Examples of what I have:

class CfgSounds
    sounds[] = {mySound};
    class mySound
        name = "mySound";
        sound[] = {"\sounds\mySound.ogg", 1, 1};
        titles[] = {};


player say3D "mySound";


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in your rpt are you getting any kind of error about being allowed to use that command?

I know for example with sm_zombz you have to add

class SM_Say3D { allowedTargets = 1; };

to the cfgremoteexec section of the mission file.

so maybe

class mySound { allowedTargets = 1; };

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