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BB Raptors + Ryan Zombies?

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Question to anyone that may know...

Is it possible to have BB Raptors & Ryan Zombies mods together let alone with Exile? I really want to have zombies with raptors on my server and looking it up hasn't done me any good on trying to find out about this. I was thinking having zombies in the cities/towns/villages and raptors in the forests and maybe small villages on Tanoa and once Exile missions are available for X-Cam-Taunus. Anyone thoughts, suggestions, or insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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Don't use FuMS. The AI (for the raptors at least) won't attack you. They'll just sit there and stare at you until you shoot them. One of the Arma updates broke it. 

BB Raptors includes modules for zombies. You don't need Ryanzombies at all (unless you just like Ryan's Zombies better)

Launch the game with BB Raptors loaded, and then just place down a module for raptors where you want them, place down a module for zombies where you want them. The agent type dropdown box will switch the module from raptors to zombies. 

Easy peasy. 

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