Modifying the bambi suit image file?

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That all being said, you could make a custom mod with the texture file in it (not a custom exile mod, but simply your own mod) and then edit the exile_server code to point to the suit in your mod. The only bad part about that is, you have to make sure everybody has your mod. You could probably do some fancy logic to say "if player has the mod, use custom texture, if not, use normal texture." Because you CAN edit the server side code, you simply can't distribute files (except through the mission file.) 

Honestly the most effective way would be to do it through the mission file. This is easy to do, it would just require the legwork of finding every file that references that texture file, and making the code point to your texture file in the mission file. Then your texture gets distributed, and nobody has to download a custom mod. I wasn't trying to discourage you from doing so, simply saying that's what has to be done. 

And all that being said, if you just want a different spawn uniform (that already exists on the client, not custom), that's super easy and plenty of information can be found here on how to do it. 

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