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EDIT: Please see this post for the temporary simulation fixes:

And see this post for fixes to the Database (player Hitpoints):

- kuplion

Preparing for the shit storm that 1.68 will cause when the update comes out next week.

Going to do things a bit differently this time around.

Please don't go off topic, derail this thread or treat people with disrespect because the fix hasn't come quick enough for you.

Will unlock when 1.68 hits :)


Follow this template:

Operating System, version?
Post your system specifications. (Hardware)
Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots and videos or pastebins for your Server .RPT( 

Bug Description:
A concise description of what the problem is.  Pure description, no narrative or conversational language.

Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted:
Describe anything you did to try to fix it on your own.

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Prior warning; off-topic posts or asking things like "why does my status bar not work" or anything else irrelevant to 'EXILE' and 1.68 will result in warning points.

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Having an issue with the arma3server_x64.exe.

All 3 servers refuse to unlock when ready as i've set the configs to do.
None of the servers have an RCON connection when running the 64-bit .exe.
None of the servers are being displayed on A3Launcher as being "Online" same with Gametracker, i'd expect something is broken with the Steam Query port.

Servers are running Windows Server 2012 R2 with Quad Core Xeons @3.40GHz & 16GB RAM

Included Exile.Tanoa's RPT while it was (trying to) running the 64-bit .exe Here (Nearly 1 million lines of errors generated and the server was only running for 5 mins): RPT File!

Reports of clients unable to open doors and access vehicles.

Fix for the server: Run the 32-bit client, all is okay. I will have a play with parameters too.


The doors seem to work fine if you remove and replace the object. Will continue testing.

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Please be aware that the extDB2 database .dll we are using is not compatible with 64 Bit. We are most likely not going to upgrade to extDB3 for multiple reasons.

I advise you to stay on 32 Bit servers and go 64 Bit on the clients - as this is where it really can help.

If you think 64 Bit is like a silver bullet for you, then you can follow these instructions to upgrade to extDB3.

PS: I am curious what broke this time xD

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