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Bambi Creation Timeout


Alright so I've been working on this for a few days now everything is in order for the most part but I have a problem (bug) and a question. I'll ask the question first. When you get your DB set up and players join the server, does it create an account 'account' and add them to 'players' tab or do they not get added to the 'players' DB until they spawn in? 

Okay now to the bug:

Server RPT: http://pastebin.com/wjhtPzqf 

So here is the section of the RPT from my server where I had my friend join my server. He didn't actually get in but he made it to the location spawn screen, spawned (tried to anyway) and was kicked for bambi creation timeout.

If any more info is needed don't be afraid to ask.

I just want this thing to work lol

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verify if u have the same login & password in ur database then this file extdb-conf.ini if its the same reset ur database & try again

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