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Arma 3 Linux Exile server setup, "MySQL connection error!"


So, i'm currently trying to get a server setup for Arma 3 with the Exile mod running on it.
I followed all the steps to setup the Exile mod on the server, however when I try to launch the server I get the following error:

13:08:57 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!"

13:08:57 "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong."

13:08:57 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Unable to locate extDB2 extension!"

13:08:57 "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :("

Here are the Logs: http://pastebin.com/nzb7xyTn

So far the only solution I've found and tried is disabling Strict mode on the MySQL server, which didn't fix the error.|
Note; there are a few other error on the log some related to the MySQL server error and some not, i'd appreciate any help you might be able to give me, Thanks for the help in advance!

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19 minutes ago, tinboye said:

make sure you have extDB2.so in your @exileserver folder as that is read by linux, dll is read by windows

extDB2.so was already in the server mod when downloaded it, its currently in the @exileserver folder, the extDB2.dll is in there too. Is there anything I need to change in the config so it uses .so instead of the .dll?

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