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People Can't Take Poptabs From Locker


Hi there,

Recently i've setup a exile mod server, runs pretty fine with a few mods but sometimes i have players that are not able to take money from the ground or from their lockers.

This also apply's when i try to use the InfiSTAR admin mod to give or take poptabs from their inventory.

So far the only option i've found to resolve this temporarily is for the players to suicide and respawn with a newly created "player unit"

My question here is, what the hell is going wrong.
There is no evidence what so ever in the logs indicating that there is something wrong.
( believe me i checked if there was a error on trying to duplicate the bug ) 

I also use 2 AI systems, DMS and ExileZ2.
DMS is configured to only offload DMS AI, ExileZ2 just runs server side only.

Is there somebody out there who had the same problem and knows howto resolve this ? 


Kind regards,


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I would run through the readme file again as i had a similar problem when setting up my exile server at first. Sounds like you missed a step with Class RemoteExec within Infistar setup.

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