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Im trying to add new skins at the Vehicle Skin Trader at the main airfield. I know that I navigate to CfgVehicleCustoms in order to add the skins and their prices. 


Ive loaded all the .paa files i have downloaded into a folder called VehicleSkins in my Exile.Altis pbo.

Exile.Altis > VehicleSkins > filename.paa


How do i write a line that will navigate to my ExileAltis pbo and load the .paa files from there?


Thanks for any help

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you should be able to just add to the  class CfgVehicleCustoms section

{"Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Police",		350, "Police", {"VehicleSkins\filename1.paa","VehicleSkins\filename2.paa"};},


{"Exile_Boat_MotorBoat_Police",		350, "Police", {"mpmissions\__cur_mp.mapname\VehicleSkins\filename1.paa","mpmissions\__cur_mp.mapname\VehicleSkins\filename2.paa"};},


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