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Hello guys, when im deleting a vehicle with infistar im getting a battleye remoteexec kick #3 :

#3 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [<NULL-object>]"
17.03.2017 01:07:55: xxxxx ( xxxxx - #3 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [59dc0100# 778839: mrap_01_unarmed_f.p3d REMOTE]"
17.03.2017 01:14:16: xxxxx ( xxxxx - #3 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [5a729600# 778637: mrap_01_unarmed_f.p3d REMOTE]"
17.03.2017 01:17:38: xxxxx ( xxxxx - #3 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [<NULL-object>]"

now i added this to line 5


but that doesn't seem to work, its the only filter i cant get past at the moment, any help is appreciated thanks

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