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Extended Base mod doors + 1.68 update


Just to put this iin the right place :


Here is my temporary fix :

After line 46 in ExileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf :

if (typeOf _constructionObject in ["Land_Airport_Tower_F", "Exile_Construction_Laptop_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteDoor_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteGate_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodGate_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodDoor_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteWindowHatch_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodGate_Reinforced_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodDoor_Reinforced_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloorHatch_Static"]) then
    _constructionObject enableSimulationGlobal true;
    _constructionObject call ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_addVehicle;


And add the classnames you want, in my example you can see an example for the EBM Airport Tower ("Land_Airport_Tower_F") and the fix for the laptops ("Exile_Construction_Laptop_Static").


Works perfectly after a server restart...

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I used most of Eichi's and added in a stack of the recipes that I knew I had used out and about.  The fix is only working for things that a person placed, even if I tweaked them afterward, they still count. BUT so far anything that has been scripted in for trade camps, bandit camps, or new town loot areas are locked up tight as can be.  when I get those working then I break all the base placed items. which is just "how bizarre how bizarre" considering one set is in the MySQL DB, while the other stack is in a sqf.  Has anyone tried the old school method of mounting the buildings to the Exile Server addons folder? Curious if it is making a difference.

Ah well we don't play these games for the lootz and gearz. we likes to just run about looking at 2000 buildings you can't get inside. lol

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