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Players Spawning in ground on join.

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Hi, recently i have been attempting to run a little 8 man exile server for my friends and i on my dedicated ubuntu 16.04 linux server.

I followed this very helpful guide:  (thanks Celmi!)

And the whole installation went smoothly. I am also using a script developed by (again, very helpful, thanks)

The problem is, whenever anyone joins the server, they spawn looking straight at a bush in the ground on the floor. All of their controls are also disabled, no buttons work, the only way to escape is using Alt+F4.

I will attach the errors that seem to come up, if they help. Please bare in mind i'm reasonably new and i am using the mission provided with the exile mod.

Thanks :D Any help is really appreciated, and i can provide more information, if you think it may help.


P.S. - On a recent thread, MGTDB helpfully gave a solution, this did not work for me, however, thanks anyway though:



Arma server error.png

Arma server error 2.PNG

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look in your logs ... extdb2 not found. install this right with linux files. because linux can read dll files.

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