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Concrete Mixer


Hello everyone. I have a little problem mixing. Here is my mission.sqm

class Item15
            name="Concrete Mixer";
            text="Concrete Mixer";

and my iniserver.sqf

// Concrete Mixers

_concreteMixers =
    [[4751.75, 10334.6, 339], 91] //NE

    _concreteMixer = "Exile_ConcreteMixer" createVehicle (_x select 0);
    _concreteMixer setDir (_x select 1);
    _concreteMixer setPosASL (_x select 0);
    _concreteMixer allowDamage false;
    _concreteMixer enableSimulationGlobal true;
forEach _concreteMixers;

All seems ok but the mixer does not appear on my server. Thank you for the help.

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