3DEN Plugin issue with latest A3 update?

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Hi, I finally fired up my 3DEN editor again since the latest update and noticed the plugin no longer shows up on the toolbar at the top.  Does anyone else see this?  Just to be sure, I re-downloaded the plugin and re-installed it.   No luck.  I did notice that if I bring up some of my old scenarios that it gives me the option of starting 32 bit or 64 bit due to some mods not being 64 bit ready.  Since I'm still running my servers at 32 bit, I chose 32 bit (of course).  And if I load some of those old scenarios I get messages like "The scenario requires content which is not installed!" and lists a whole bunch like CUP, Exile_client,  and some of the Arma 3 content. But if I start a new scenario, it all appears to be there although I haven't done a thorough check yet.

But how to I get the plugin back?

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when you view the launcher you should have something similar to


then choose your map and should have the menu at the top


I have tested in both 64 and 32 bit client and menu shows up fine for me

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