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Cannot get past loading screen / log errors?

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Hi, I'm back, with more errors.

On my windows dedi server (Server 2012), whenever i launch the game, nobody, (my friends or i) cannot join the game, just an infinite loading screen. The console recognises that we have connected however.

Here is a segment of an error i think could be doing something?!:


11:29:47 Error in expression <le;
_hitpoints = _vehicleClassName call ExileClient_util_vehicle_getHitPoints;
11:29:47   Error position: <ExileClient_util_vehicle_getHitPoints;
11:29:47   Error Undefined variable in expression: exileclient_util_vehicle_gethitpoints

Funnily enough, this error is repeated but with different variables....

Here is the whole log, theres alot of errors so please check it out (i didn't want to spam the forum)

Thanks in advance :D

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