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Signature error only vanilla exile installed



I have a freshly installed server according to the latest installation guide made by S. I have followed that and installed Exile to the server successfully. Only difference was that i downloaded the 1.0.2 exile mod from the download section and did not use the 1.0.1 version that was in the installation guide.


Now I am faced with a problem, I can run the server just fine while not having the the verifysignatures option on. I want to turn that on as well but once i do that no client can connect at all. They get kicked and only tells that they have signature error. 


RPT log: http://pastebin.com/GZC1dQ1i

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Here is the server config as well


hostname                            = "[EU] Exile";
password                             = "";
passwordAdmin                          = "Pw";
serverCommandPassword                = "Pw";
logFile                                = "server.log";
verifySignatures                       = 0; // Do NOT use verifySignatures=2! It costs too many FPS
BattlEye                            = 1;
requiredBuild                         = 140908; // 1.62 stable
allowedLoadFileExtensions[]         = {:};
allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[]     = {"sqf"};
allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[]         = {"html"};
motdInterval                         = 5;               
maxPlayers                             = 60;        
voteMissionPlayers                     = 200;   
voteThreshold                         = 200;
disableVoN                            = 0;        
vonCodecQuality                     = 30;   
persistent                            = 1;       
kickDuplicate                         = 1;
equalModRequired                     = 0;
kickClientsOnSlowNetwork            = 0;
timeStampFormat                     = "short";
onUserConnected                     = "";
onUserDisconnected                     = "";
doubleIdDetected                     = "";
onUnsignedData                         = "kick (_this select 0)";    
onHackedData                         = "kick (_this select 0)";
onDifferentData                     = "kick (_this select 0)";
motd[]                                 = {"Welcome to Arma 3 Exile Mod!", "www.exilemod.com", "Enjoy your stay!" };

class Missions
    class Exile
        template = Exile.Tanoa;  // Exile.Namalsk, Exile.Altis

        // do NOT use custom difficulties!
        // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore
        // or you will break Exile!
        difficulty = "ExileRegular";


atm the verify is off to be able to join to the server

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