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SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified!


The title says it all.  I have no idea if this is server or client side issue.. both have been verified and updated, and this just started about 3 hours ago.  Nope I didn't. I had been on the server playing, it was the normal reboot.. oh sorry that was to the question "Did you add anything new to the server?"   I mean it is still screwed up from the update, sometimes the doors open, next restart they might not.. hell the buildings might not even be there on one of the starts.  The server rpt is still spammed to death with blah blah unknown blah blah source.. blah blah is locked bugger off... kisses arma..   not exactly those words but u get my drift. we have all read those same messages now since the update 1000 times.  the server will not load, or more accurately the client will not load, past the Title error.. Steam updated 3 files. I have dropped all mods and grabbed them again.. rebooted my beast.. been nice to it.. and threatened to throw it out in the stock tanks..  I haven't tried loading from my other computers yet, I was gaming in another game. I will give that a go to see if it is local to the pc or if it is tied to the files proper.

Surely someone wants to show  their genius and come up with the simple and obvious solution to make me all red faced.   No?   No one?   

I need a hero.. crying out for a hero in the morning light.. lol


Thanks if anyone answers..  meh if I come up void of intelligenterest life than me again.   ( new word that...  I like it)


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Solved, after researching the company itself,  I went through my files by hand instead of letting the system verify, and sure enough 3DEN had somehow managed to get deleted from my Exile folder on the root server. Once that file was replaced, it was back to just the normal broke arse, post update, type items.. and of course the things I randomly decided to give new textures to, that the server rpt whines about looking funny for the first week at least..   Just Sayin..

This one is solved tho.. Anyone else having this problem where this is a server killer.. Check your 3DEN first off and work out from there.




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