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Exile stops any other programs from opening on PC properly


I've tried my best to find anyone with similar issues but to no avail.

I have about a 50/50 chance when playing Exile (this does not happen with just base game) that when I exit Exile it will stop me from opening any other software on the computer, most programs will attempt to start up but either show no information like a blank screen or just a spinning icon. I can open folders and such.

The only fix to this is to hold down the powerbutton as if I try to restart my computer the normal way it will never get passed "Shutting down...".

There is also a good chance that Arma 3 will still be active in Task manager after I exit the game so I have to end processes but even if I end every process that can relate to the game I will still need to do a hard reset.

I also have a tendency to get FPS to drop down ~20 and slight microstuttering until I reboot. This can happen randomly and I've had it happen the second I join a server or it happens after 2 hours but it happens a lot and I'm getting quite tired of rebooting my computer 10 times a night.

Anyone with any ideas?

Windows 7 64-bit

i7 4790K

Geforce GTX 970

16GB DDR3 1866MHz


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Hello Covent,

Hate to tell you this, it is NOT ARMA/Exile.  These are multitasking enabled programs.  The OS controls what runs when and what does not.

It sounds as if Windows has been turned into a single task OS, akin to DOS.

Try also to start ARMA in the 32 bit mode too.  It is possible that you're 'out of memory' and these other apps will not start.  However, this indicates a problem with the OS or worse yet, a hardware issue such as bad RAM.  It also could be some 'funky' settings in your BIOS/over clocking too.


I would recommend this in this order:

1 - Set all BIOS settings and clocks speeds to DEFAULT

2 - Reboot and try to start multiple non-ARMA programs and see what they do.  If they work, go to #3, if not, go to #4

3 - Uninstall ARMA/Exile, then re-install and re-test.  If still a problem, go to #4

4 - Reformat HDD and re-install OS and try running different apps, if ok, re-install ARMA/Exile


Do NOT change ANY BIOS setting/clock speed till system is WORKING!


Good luck!




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Thanks for the help!

I had the issue before the 64-bit patch, though I did not have this issue when I last played Exile a couple of months ago.

Running the Exile mod is the only thing on my computer giving me this issue, but I will make sure to reinstall everything including the OS to see if it helps, anything as long as I can try and solve it.

BIOS is default, I haven't overclocked anything.

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