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Rather than post your complaints about the 1.68 Bugs Megathread in it's own thread, come and air your views here instead....

The complaints about 'shit' posts now far outweigh the 'shit' posts themselves which is utterly ridiculous.

First off, I'm not going to apologise for my part in the infamous 'baby' discussion. It was a very light exchange between me, @Eichi and a couple of other community members and was in total about five 2 line posts. Just a little bit of a cool off during quite a busy period debugging the Arma 1.68 update. If it took you more than 60 seconds to read all of it, your problem lies elsewhere. The complaints about it and other 'shit' posts subsequently are staggering huge, eye splitting rants, pages and pages long.

If your exile server is that important to you and the problems were causing you that much of an issue, it shouldn't be a problem for you to read through the entire 21 pages like the rest of us have. Also, you could have subscribed to that thread before it was even unlocked and then scanned each post simply and quickly on a drip feed taking a few seconds each post.

The important fixes are in the first post of that thread. Plain and simple. Anything else is either not a 'show stopper' and should get tidied up in the next release or, should be posted in the the relevant 3rd party mods/scripts section.

So, bring on the hate... :)

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Nice post Baron.

Good to see someone speaking their mind and the minds of many others.

All many of us want to do is play Exile. With or without mods.

This community is only after one thing. To help each other and to game !. Too much crap going on in this world to be complaining about stuff.

In fact some of us could be accused of spending wayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!  too much time on this game.

But my reply to those people is . 'So what I love it'

Cannot wait to see mission systems fixed. Cannot wait for Exile to be fixed. So all of us can go back to the world of Exile.


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