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CUP Units uniforms have no texture


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Hello Zed,

Typically, missing stuff such as that can be related one of three items:

#1 - Bad/Corrupt data files.

#2 - You are trying to use an item that is not even present on the server (config file says it there, but the actual file is not on HDD).

#3 - Typo in a config/pointer file somewhere.


Stop and think about it.  If it works on your test server, but does not on the real one, what can it be except what is listed above?


Remember this - NO data transfer of ANY TYPE is 100% accurate/correct!  It may be there, but one bit is wrong, thus the file is no good and will not work.


Ever downloaded something and it be 'bad' and you had to re-download it?  How about 'parity bits' on memory? 

See:  www.pcguide.com/ref/ram/errParity-c.html


Even on HDD to HDD transfers, you can have an error in the transfer, but the chance is very small, last time I knew, it was 1 * 10 to the 12th power chance of a bit failure.


They DO happen though!




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I have this same problem with cup and one other mod and don't really know how to fix it, everything seems to be in correct places

World model textures are ALL white for CUP

World model textures for the other mod are only half of them

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On 3/24/2017 at 11:46 PM, BetterDeadThanZed said:

When I tested CUP Units on my test server, everything was fine. On my live server, the textures are missing:


Has anyone else had this happen?

You ever figure out whats up with this bud ?

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