Dear Community,

first, excuse me for my bad english iam from german ^^


Okay my Question/Problem 


I write a level script for anti-boost and some other features. Now i am stuck. The reason is that i can not load my new entrys from Database to game and and the other way to update the states. I try many things but nothing works. 

To update the stats and get the stats i used line like that: (can not check if updating works because it does not loading from database)

There 2 extracts of 2 files


every contract with _ are in the part of private [];

/////////////////get stats////////////////////

_getexp = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileLevelexp", 0];
_getlevel = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileLevelsystem", 0];

//////////update stats/////////
            setVariable ["ExileLevelexp", _getexp];
            setVariable ["ExileLevelsystem", _getlevel];

            format["setAccountLevelexp:%1:%2", _getexp, getPlayerUID _playerwhoexpseto] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget;
            format["setAccountLevelsystem:%1:%2", _getlevel, getPlayerUID _playerwholevelup] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget;

            _playerwhoexpseto call ExileServer_object_player_sendStatsUpdate;
            _playerwholevelup call ExileServer_object_player_sendStatsUpdate;



i also trying to update the exile.ini but after all my trys it do not work.

I have try it with MySQL  help like and some other documents, woth new table but nothing will work.

(maybe i do something wrong but i dont know)


Thank you for everything

Greets David1197

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