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Jack T. Ripper

I need HELP


Hey guys,

i have a question. I have an own Server since two days, and there are not so many problems as i thought. But One BIG Problem is there, which i can't fix. How can I set the Traders and Spawnpoints for Players to another Location? When i load the mission in the Editor, i can see the map, everything's fine. But there are no objects, no trader and no spawns. WHY? How can i Change them?
Another Question of mine is, why does some players spawn like a bird when they spawn? Its always directly after the Server restarts. I dont know, why this is like that. So i hope, You can help me out.
Another Problem is, how can I change the power of the Zombies? I use the Zombies and Demons Mod, everything fine. Zombies spawn, but there is one Zombie , he runs so fast like i drive with the quad bike, so i cant run away from him. He's too fast. After two hits I'm down. I made an Hardcore (Veteran) Exile Server.
One last thing is, when the Server restarts, No one can open doors, no one can open doors at his own base. Why is this so?
Sry for my bad English, but i only had english at school , and that was before 6 years. Hope You all will understand what i try to say ;-)

If this Topic is at the Wrong place here, pls move it to the right.

Hope u can help me.



Jack T. Ripper

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