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Walk Through - Intergration of CUP into Exile Tanoa

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Hey Guys,

We have been struggling over the past few days to correctly intergrate CUP Weapons, Units and Vehicles to our Server. Now I have spent hours sifting through forums and youtube videos trying to find a walkthough however still havent managed to find a solution. I'd really prefer to learn how todo this through help and guidence rather then paying someone todo it for us (Has been considered lol).


FYI - We use the GTX Gaming Exile hosting service that does have the automatic mod installations, however this obvously doesnt add the mods to the config.cpp and mission.sqm to enable us to add CUP items to loot tables, traders, AI (DMS and Occupation). We have the feeling we just dont have the knowlage todo the correct setup of the mission.sqm and the config.cpp files as is, so any help is going to be welcome.

As it stands now we have been able to successfully install and intergrate:

ADDONS - DMS, Occupation, ZCP, ExileZ.  MODS - Exile, Ryans Zombies and Demons

What we are trying to achieve by the end is:

ADDONS - DMS, Occupation, ZCP, ExileZ.  MODS - Exile, Ryans Zombies and Demons, CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CBA_A3


Edit: We have successfully managed to work it out. All is well now :)

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