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BEC Not Cooperating


I was tinkering with my BEC scheduler last night and F'd something up. Now my server isn't restarting.

 I'm on a QGS shared server and used their Game Panel to install BEC originally and didn't touch it other than to turn off BEC kicks. It was working fine.  I was trying to modify the scheduler and was getting no response to any of the changes that I made. In an effort to better understand the BEC file structure I uninstalled it, then re-installed it.  Now There's no BEC activity.   BEC is an area I haven't spent any time on, but need to get my server restarts going again ASAP.

Is the server port that BEC uses supposed to be different from the main server port?  My server uses 2372, but the BEC config that QGS inserts used 2375.

in my exileconfig.cfg I have: 

BattlEye            					= 2;


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Can the scheduler.xml be updated live?  Most files are wtite-protected while the server is up, but not this one.

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