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Problem with vehicles in safezones


Hello guys,

i've been setting up a new exile server for the last few weeks. Since then i've got the problem, that when you drive or fly in the safezone every vehicle gets kind of stuck. So for example when you're flying with a chopper it will immediatly stop in mid-air until you release the "w" key. Then it slowly moves forward again. "A" and "D" for rolling to the left/right also don't work properly while holding "alt". With ground vehicles i've got the problem that the hitboxes seem to be bigger than normal. So i can't get closer than a few meters to any vehicle in safezone with another vehicle. Also any vehicle gets "stuck in the ground" every few meters when driving. But, as I said, all of that is just happening when being in the safezone. Everywhere else it's just fine. So has anyone ever had this problem?

At the moment i'm using the following mods/scripts:

Bornholm, RHS mods, CUP mods, CBA, Extended Base Mod, TRYK's uniforms, TAC vests, DMS mission script, VEMF mission script, Igiload, R3F Logistics, Exad, infiSTAR, infiSTAR XM8 apps 


Any help would be appreciated!

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Do you have infistar? If so test this out, go into EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp


	This will set your vehicle back if you try to ram somebody within the safeZone
block_safeZone_ramming = "false";

make sure that is set to false, then retest.

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