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i have 5 orange and black suv's at each spawn point where bambis come in, they are usually found at a sports ground. I added them through the editor and they have no sell value as they are a ride for bambi's and i use these instead of bikes......

My question is...... Is there a way to put text on the side of the cars i used such as BAMBI CAR or maybe BAMBI TAXI .

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Look at the config.cpp file inside your mission folder

search for


{"Exile_Car_Hatchback_Sport_Red", 		100, "Red",		{"image\folder\imagefile.paa"};},

upload your logo file

I would start there and play around with the classes based on which ever vehicle, not it being a skin and all it will cover the whole vehicle. So this may or may not work how you want.

The only other way i know of is using squad file


or making a mod to override the config


but your players would need to download that mod too

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