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Help with showing server on A3 Launcher

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Hello so IM having trouble understanding exactly how to get my server to show up on the A3 Launcher 

my launch param:

start "arma3" /min /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 -config=@exileserver\Config.cfg "-profiles=Exile" -cfg=@exileserver\basic.cfg -name=Exile "-servermod=@ExileServer;" "-mod=@Exile;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@CBA_A3;" -nosplash -noSound -noPause -enableHT -malloc=system -world=Chernarus -autoinit

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Are you talking about the program called a3launcher or are you talking about Arma 3's own launcher that you get when you click on "Play" for Arma 3?

If you are talking about the program a3launcher, go here and put your server info in:

Then, if that doesn't work, you could go to the a3launcher support forum found here:

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