Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

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Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)


Got Questions? Join ATS Discord:


- Drive and ride on trains in Arma 3!
- Supports all existing trains and tracks on Tanoa.
- Create custom tracks by placing APEX track objects in the editor (see directions below).
- Multiplayer support. Mod only required to be installed on server.
- Supports APEX and CUPS train models.
- Supports APEX tracks (CUPS tracks still in the works!).


While outside of a train, there are a few actions you can perform. Look directly at the train to get these possible actions:

- Get in Train as Driver: When looking at a train engine, you'll get this option to become the driver of the train. See train driver controls below.
- Disconnect Car: When looking at a car connected to a train, you'll get this option. This will disconnect the car from the train. The train cannot be moving.
- Ride Train: When looking at a train car (attached to a train someone else is driving) you'll get this option to ride the train. See train passenger controls below.

Train Driver Controls:

- Move Forward (defaults to W key): Speed up the train
- Move Backward (defaults to S key): Slow down the train
- Turn Left (defaults to A key): Controls track switching. Hold "Move Left" as you pass an intersection to direct the train down the left-most path.
- Turn Right (defaults to D key): Controls track switching. Hold "Move Right" as you pass an intersection to direct the train down the right-most path.
- Enabled / Disable Cruise Control (C key): When enabled, the train will maintain its current speed automatically (even if you jump out of the train - runaway train!)
- Break (B key): A faster way to slow down your train besides holding down the Move Backwards key
- Exit Train (delete key): Exit the current train.

Note: If you don't hold left or right while passing an intersection, the train will choose the path that requires the least amount of turning.

Train Passenger Controls:

- Exit Train (delete key): Exit the current train




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I tried his train sim last week in SP and it does wonderful!  No issues on my end whatsoever.  The only 'issue' is a cosmetic one, and that is the sounds not being there.

Outside of that, it does just what it advertises it would do!


Great job Duda as with all of your mods!



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16 hours ago, Mezo said:

Respectable work... but 2.5k lines of code in one file??? O.o

It has over 80 functions (with an average of ~30 lines each). There's a reason for putting all of the functions in one file - it's structured that way to allow the addon to be installed server-side only (even though the code runs on the client side)


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hey duda! thanks for this great great addon :D works like a charm without infistar.. but WITH, there ist this problem.. any idea or should we PM infiSTAR?


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Damn duda!
Added it, copied key, instantly worked. You dont get to see that everyday in ARMA.
Definately a big ass plus to you! I absolutely love it. Didnt get to test it without infistar rights tho... But with infistar rights enabled it works just fine.

Only thing i noticed tho,
If you have Ryan ZnD in your server and your spawning zombies around a player they will start killing you at the point where you enter the train.
Zombies tend to see invisible players aswell :p. Disabled the roaming of Z's and let them spawn a bit further away. Didnt have any issues here anymore.
Vehicles parked on the track will explode but sometimes get ignored when using a small train. (not really an issue if you ask me).

Even a train with 4 locomotives and about 20 to 30 carts still works very well. Bit of rubber banding from time to time but i guess thats what you can expect.

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Couild someone explain, for dummies like me please, how to install it the right way on a server?

Do i just have to put the content of the downloaded addons folder into my /arma3/@Exile/addons, put the key to the keys on the server and add "what exactly?"(since if you download it via steam workshop, the folder is called not like the mod, but a number) to the -serverMod command line?

Is it maybe @ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator?

Or do i have to copy the whole content from my 891938535 called (obvisiously ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator folder) workshop folder and put it into a folder called @ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator, upload that folder to my server arma3 main directory, copy the key to my server and add @ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator to the -serverMod command line?

Thanks in advance!!!



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