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Hello I have a mod on my server if you used the kick it me because of the ANTI_TP where you can turn off or change the one you do not kick?


"<>ANTI_TP_NEW| Tom| Exile_Unit_Player moved 29m in 0.123993s from 088137 [8800,13746,0] to 088137 [8828,13754,0] at a speed of 824/25. NetId: 2:1239, LocalObj: true, VisibleMap: false, TpCounter: 1. speedCalc 824 > maxSpeedCalc 50 | 0h 6min 21s   [31-Mar-2017 19-12-12 - v0075b]"

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What mod is that? :)


    Anti Teleport
    UAT = "false"; To disable Anti Teleport
    Arrays below show position & radius where Teleporting is allowed.
    Mainly for the Traders (because when you purchase a vehicle, it teleports you into the vehicle)
    You can white-list "Teleport Zones" by adding them like below:
    class allowTP {
        custom[] = {
    Trading zones are white-listed by default.
UAT = "true";

put UAT = "false"

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