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CreateVehicle.txt mystery kick.


So after the update to 1.68, and I'm not saying it's responsible I'm just saying I noticed a correlation, we began getting battleye kicks for players who walk/drive near DMS events. The kick is for createvehicle.txt  but it cites rockets as the reason for the kick. And the second part of the log line references an AI unit, leading me to believe it has something to do with AI who have rockets, which does happen in DMS generated events. 

Interestingly enough, it only affects one player. So far no one else seems to have this issue and I've even seen it kick him for just driving within 50-60 meters of these DMS events. 

RCON displays the following:


4:17:07 PM | CreateVehicle Log: #0 <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_NLAW_AT_F" 6:476 2:8899 O_recon_F [9409,9946,40] [-38,10,0]
4:17:07 PM | Player #0 <Player Name> has been kicked by BattlEye: CreateVehicle Restriction #0

The create vehicle log displays the following:


27.03.2017 02:46:22: <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_Titan_AT" 3:260 2:7032 O_G_Soldier_F [7530,7627,8] [11,-38,2]
28.03.2017 01:53:39: <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_NLAW_AT_F" 3:74 2:7041 O_G_Soldier_F [7338,7380,4] [-23,32,0]
31.03.2017 09:11:28: <Player Name/info>- #0 "M_NLAW_AT_F" 6:1708 2:9781 O_recon_F [9480,9768,70] [12,38,0]
31.03.2017 12:47:04: <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_Titan_AT" 5:686 2:7783 O_recon_F [8848,8010,76] [-20,31,13]
01.04.2017 10:29:01: <Player Name/info>- #0 "M_Titan_AT" 6:260 2:7779 O_recon_F [7551,7483,7] [22,31,9]
01.04.2017 12:40:01: <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_NLAW_AT_F" 3:586 2:8143 O_recon_F [7670,7832,3] [-26,30,0]
01.04.2017 13:17:07: <Player Name/info> - #0 "M_NLAW_AT_F" 6:476 2:8899 O_recon_F [9409,9946,40] [-38,10,0]

And as you can see from my createvehicles.txt battleye exceptions, that all of these rockets (M_Titan_AT and M_NLAW_AT_F, ) all have exceptions on the line: https://pastebin.com/Fqedk59d

So I'm unsure either what I'm doing wrong or what is causing this. Does anyone have any insight?

Thanks in advance. 

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I'm getting a "BadVehicle" kick in my server as of today. The only thing I have done differently is I updated to the latest A3 patch for 1.68 this morning. I'm noticing this also with 1 player (but server is not a high pop server) 


18:20:43 "<infiSTAR.de>KICKLOG| <Player Name/info>  HLOG_SKICK: <Player Name/info> | BadVehicle: B_Truck_01_ammo_F :: @148168 [14807.4,16853.9,-0.382795]

Might be worth while noting that this vehicle is able to be purchased in trader, is this an infiStar problem perhaps?

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I'm getting a similar createVehicle kick only not for rockets.  This last time it was #0 "FxCartridge_556" 4:125 [8293,7376,30].  And as fifthmanstanding points out, it seems to be around DMS missions but I haven't gotten enough kicks yet to be sure.

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