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infiSTAR restart warnings


Everything in infiSTAR v0074 works just fine except for restart warnings and there's nothing I can see in the .rpt. My intention is to have the server restarted by the scheduler in my game panel, which works just fine, and to have infiSTAR to give players warning beforehand, which doesn't. In the end I set infiSTAR up to restart the server in the hope that it would fix the warnings part. It didn't.

Here's the relevent part of EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp - can someone take a look at this and tell me if I messed something up?


    enableSystem = "true";

    USE_RESTART_TIME_IN_M = "false";
    RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 180;                /* restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */
    TIME_FUNCTION_USED = "diag_tickTime";    /* diag_tickTime (starts with arma3server.exe), time (starts with mpmission init) */

    RESTART_TIMES[] = {    /* {hour,minute} .. put in the times when your server is supposed to restart (real time). */

    USE_SHUTDOWN = "true";
    SERVER_END_FUNCTION = "#shutdown";    /* SERVER_END_FUNCTION -> #shutdown or #restartserver */
    RESTART_WARNING_SOUND = "air_raid";    /* for example: Alarm or air_raid */

    RESTART_IN_X_ARRAY[] = {30,15,10,5,4,3,2};    /* Announce the a restart x mins before it happens (x stands for each number) */


I should mention that the end of each session's .rpt shows infiSTAR restarting the server, so that part works OK. But there's nothing for the previous half hour to show it trying/failing to give the warnings.

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