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"U were kicked off the game"


Hey guys, i just wanted to play the Exile mod and everytime I join an Exile Server its loading till the end and then i get the message "U were kicked off the game". The problem is also on servers which just have the exile mod and not any other mods, so I believe it has something to do with Exile.

What i´ve tried so far:

  • reinstalled Arma 3 and all mods 2x times
  • manually downloaded the exile mod from this website and copied it to the addon folder
  • downloaded and installed the mods via a3launcher
  • cleared the MPMissionCache folder before joining

So I don´t know what to do anymore. Can anyone help me out here?



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Did you check your client RPT to see if it has any information? Did you try contacting the admin of one of the servers you are trying to join to see if the server RPT says anything? Does your client RPT show the Exile mod being loaded?

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have you tried joining the server direct within arma 3 launcher? I would load arma 3 launcher, then enable exile in the mods tab, then click play, then once in arma 3 go to multiplayer, click direct connect enter the ip and port and try to join. If it kicks you there.

then click the recent tab.

the server should then appear in the list.

click on the server and at the bottom right

look to see if anything is red or if exile is green


if this is red, then something in your setup or the way exilemod is being installed isnt being recognized by your arma.

i would try joining another type of server, not using exile, see if you are kicked from there as well.

If so, then find a server not using battleye, see if you can join that server.

another thing to try, reinstall directx, reinstall


both x86 and x64 if you have x64 chip.

sometimes these are needed for certain dll files to run . also right click your dll files in your arma 3 folder and make sure they are not blocked.

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