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Player joinable PVP defender mission.

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Hello, the  AI missions in Exile are fun but most end up being a pvp shootout at the end. My idea is to have a full pvp mission added. There could be a recruitment popup and the first (# players) who join would be the defenders of the mission. If possible the defenders could be placed into a party automatically and given similar uniforms. Restrictions and penalties would need to be implemented for deserters and traitors, meaning the defender can't leave the designated mission zone and severe monetary and/or respect deductions for team killing another defender. The mission would only be allowed when a certain number of players are online, and possibly be a timed completion event. Admins hosting events is basically where the idea is from, because those events always garner maximum participation from players. The inclusion of a full pvp mission potentially every restart would keep me coming back. The rewards for successful completion of the missions is admin discretion.

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