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Spin Khan

Q about 3den Plugin

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Ok, newbie here so go easy, and please expect I don't know stuff...

I've followed how to get the 3den plugin installed and I do have the Exile menu option but I'm confused about two really big things:

1)  when I open my map, the stock vanilla exile.altis.pbo that was on my server when setup, I see lots of items in the left side nav tree greyed out.  In fact the only things I see are the "independent" and "Markers" folders in that tree.  Is this right?  Can I not access the rest?  This has me concerned, and I'm no 3den editor expert mind you, because of

2) when I move the camera in close to the main airport tab city, I don't see ANY of the vendors, the signs, lockers, etc.


Being so green, I don't know if this is ok, or if this indicates I've got something configured wrong. 


Can anyone clarify?  There was a video posted on the thread where the 3den plugin was first announced but it appears it has been pulled for copyright on the music...  just please don't think I'm not doing my do diligence before asking.  If that video is still around, I'd love to watch it, or any other pointers to a clear and full explanation of the 3den editor and use with Exile.  The difficultly being green, besides dating a pig, is that you often don't have enough knowledge to assess even when things are going right!  :)

Baby steps... TIA

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