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Weapons disappearing after server restart


Hi Everyone 

I don't know if many people use Special Military Arms for exile, for  reasons such as compatibility or popularity.


Im having a problem where weapons from SMA are disappearing on players after restart or re logging back into the server. 

I have the mod installed correctly and added to command line. The mod items are added to the traders and working completely. The weapons just disappear on players after logging back in from a restart. I could just be missing the obvious here...

A second opinion or any advice would be much appreciated 



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So I figured it out what was causing the issue for me. I thought it may be helpful for any one who stumbles across this question and has a similar problem. My CBA_A3 was some how corrupt and not supporting mods correctly. I re downloaded the latest version and re installed it in my server root. 

I then used easy trader set up script (which is amazing!!) found here : 

I followed the instructions and had to do some small editing to put SMA in, but most of the files were already there which made it a breeze thanks to guys who put all that hard work into that script makes life so much easier.

I now have CUP + SMA installed and they are working flawlessly!


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