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looking for real step by step guide for Exile

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Hello Folks!

A few weeks ago i found that great Exile-Tanoa Server in Australia. (TAG) 

I'm from germany... means I have an average ping of 380. So I decided to host my own server.

Got all Hardware i need, including broadband DSL.

All i need is a real step by step guide to host "a dublicate" from that Australian Server. There is running: Map: Tanoa / Exile-Mod / Exdanded Base Mod / Ryan's Zombies an Demons / CBA_A3 / Enhanced Movement /// Official expansion: Apex, Marksmen, Helocopters, Karts


My host is ready: fully patched Windows 2012 R2

What if got 'til now: (downloadet, not installed)
- Exile-1.0.2; ExileServer-1.0.2; Exile Server Installation (full 1,6GB); directX-setup; Exile3DEN-1.0.0; LootTableCompiler-1.0.2; mysql-installer; npp.7.3.3-Installer; pbo-manager_v14; Steam Setup; vc_redist...... so far


What must i do now?


Thank you in advance



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Step 1: Read the goddamn forum rules.

Step 2: You haven't got that far yet..


Read this before you post

Please do NOT post about problems and bugs here! Post them here. If you disregard this, we might delete your topic without notice. Thank you!


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