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how to install mods on my exile server

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Hello everyone!

Thanks to Maca!! My Exile server is running: [Evilmonkeys] Exile Tanoa ...  Server is running in a VM with a Ping (Hamburg -> Munich) of 25ms

Now i want to install some Mods:

- Ryan's Zombies an Demons

- Extanded Base Mod

optional useable: CBA_A3  //  Enhanced Movement


Thank's in advance!


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well adding mods to a server can be simple.

you add each mod to your arma 3 server folder


@mod2 etc

then add to your commandline  -mod=@exile;@mod1;@mod2

making them work in exile, each mod has instructions. Extended base mod has an install txt file included in the @mod folder, ryanzombies you can make zombies spawn with exileZ

and there are posts about getting Enhanced Movement working. CBA, you just add to your commandline, edit config.cpp under exile_server_config.pbo, and there you will see an option to enable cba

google and the forum are your friend.


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In case your are interested, send me a PM and make sure you have a microphone and Teamspeak (ohyeah.... and speak either german, dutch or english). This is just to make stuff alot easyer since typing code takes time but explaining code through chat is a whole nother ballpark.
I can send you the files for nothing, dont care for income nor the efford i took to configure all that stuff.
However, dont expect me to explain every single detail since this will couse hundreds of people wanting the same and nobody learning anything new. (which is exacly what you can expect when starting a ARMA server). Trust me, shit aint easy and will take loads of time to get right.
For me this is my interest and hobby so i dont care for income nor copyright stuff for the things i made/configured myself. (yes, i respect the copyright limits set by the original authors so dont expect me to send you my infistar files or anything close to the same rulebook).

I used Exile with Tanoa and also used CBA, Ryan zombies (and thus ExileZ to spawn and configure them), and Extended Base Mod (plus an aditional 20 or so mods including Enhanced movement, rappelling etc).

That being said. Ive moved over to a different map for 3 reasons.
1. Tanoa is a b**ch to get working properly on DMS, Occupation, Zupa's Capture Points (ZCP) and loads more. I can explain the details for this on TS. (Working is 1 thing but trying to minimize the load on both server and client is alot of work for Tanoa).
2. Got bored of the map. Its gorgeous but gets rather boring after 500 hours.
3. Never had more then 15 people playing it on my server which makes it boring quick.

Forgot to add, im thinking about releasing most of my files on public anyway for anyone to use.
Since i dont have any interest in Tanoa anymore anyway, id rather share it with anyone to make the game alot better then to start jerking off to the work and customisations that ive done for my own.

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