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Hey friends, im likely posting this in the wrong sub so apologies if so.

I've spent about three days messing around trying different ways of implements a marker for a bridge ive made. 0 luck, just a lot of issues. 

Heres what im trying to add: (im likely doing this completely wrong but I havent found a single post/guide that has worked)


class Item38
        dataType = "Marker";
        position[] = {4582.48, 0, 11522.6};
        name = "ExileMarker38";
        text = "";
        markerType = "RECTANGLE";
        type = "";
        colorName = "ColorBlue";
        fillName = "Solid";
        a = 400;
        b = 20;
        drawBorder = 1;
        id = 138;
        atlOffset = 0;

So if any one has a suggestion or idea for me to try, I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps there is a different method I could use to add markers that im unaware of? I've just been adding this to the mission file, which works itself, but when thats added server goes nuts. Ether loops, or comes up with error in stringtable [indefinite], or it would work and there no map icon.


- Thanks, Patrick


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make sure to also load the exile 3den mod located under www.exilemod.com/downloads, then once done making markers, export them with the exile menu at the top

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