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SOTR - Shit on the Rest (new acronym)


We are recruiting for this badass mod. Looking for like minded individuals who like to build and loot but love to raid and pvp. We use semi tactical strats but it is mostly kill the bastard before he kills you. 

Our characteristics - 

Playstyle - Hunt anyone not friendly.

Buildstyle - One base with pvt rooms, square. Willing to expand as necessary.

Maturity - Must not get offended easily. Most of use have daytime jobs. Evening and weekend players preferred. East coast American.

Communiation - we use a pvt Ts3 server. Prefer fluent easily understandable English speakers.

Streamers - We are steamer friendly and have a few that broadcast regularly.


Most of all looking for people who like to work together and have a good time playing games.

If this interests you send Kamak86 an invite on steam. Search kamak86 and it is the red girl image.

- Cheers Kamak86




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Why 21+? Probably the worst time to join by that time I'll have interships and pretty hectic life and basically no time for games. Always recruit 18+ cuz you'll either get bored college students or people working part-time jobs with a highschool degree.

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