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how to verify MOD files? server admin can't solve it.


I try verify games from steam, on A3 launcher I only can verify Exile, all other mod is already sub from steam workshop, i can't click on it.  i also try reinstall steam and arma 3, but can't solve the problem, keep disconnect from server. got this this problem since the last arma update.


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unsubscribe then resubscribe to the mods, the server also is running jbad along with ocp with jbad, so technically they dont need jbad mod as its included with the OCP, tryk there are variations out there, 94a, 94b, etc so make sure yours matches theirs, ask the server admin what version they are using, ask them for direct links to the mods they installed.

they also will not always show green in the list, it can do this if the folder names are different. or a text file is diff in the folder, that kind of thing. as long as they have verifysignitures = 1; then it should still allow you to join. if its set for 2, then yours has to match exactly to theirs.


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