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Load-in Error with specific object


I've placed a rotating RHS radar structure in one of my trader cities.  The class is "rhs_p37". It works great but upon the first login to the server, I/we get this error:

Config: array does not have 2 entries.

Subsequent logins don't get the error unless Arma is restarted. The error is also thrown if opening the mission file in the EDEN Editor.  I know the simple solution is to just ditch the eye-candy, but I'd really like to keep it if I can prevent this error.  My players all get the error.

The initServer.sqf entry is:

["rhs_p37", [22141.3, 14540.8, 3.58726], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], true],

But I don't know that this is relevant as the error occurs when opening the editor as well.

Any ideas here?

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